About Us

Sunoma Global.com is the fast growing leading Company for providing the widest selection of wholesale apparel.

We strive to bring the best shopping solution by creating one stop shopping for your wholesale apparel. We pride ourselves in providing Quality merchandise at wholesale price. While maintaining a high standards of business principals & customer relationship

Fashion is a fast business! At Sunoma Global.com we understand it better than anyone. Our expertise lies in creating exclusive, top of the trend textile collections for our esteemed customers.

We are a one-stop solution shop that offers in house designing, manufacturing and a quick delivery  at best prices for our customers in the given deadlines. These best practices accompanied with our well-roinded experiences of more than 7 years in fashion business keeps us as frontrunners.

Our footprint are across all key geographies of the globe viz. USA, South America, Europe, Japan and the Indian Subcontinent. We are rapidly expanding our markets to Australia.

Our forte is knit, woven, dresses and sweatshirts across key segments of men, women children and toddlers. 

A testimony to our success is some of our esteemed customers viz. Hollister, Uni Qlo, Muji, Lc Waikikiy, Schiesser, Green Fiber and Cotton.