Best Price Guarantee

Sunoma Global is committed to its guarantee to offer you the best prices on the web on its products: If, after purchasing a product on Sunoma Global, you do find a better price on an identical product, Sunoma Global will refund you the balance in store credits.

Offer Eligibility :

  • The product must be identical.
  • The product must be of the same size.
  • The product must be of the same colour.
  • Shipping terms must be the same.
  • The offer doesn’t apply on items already on sale, discounts, or promotions.

If you found a product on the web cheaper than on Sunoma Global and that applies to all the above mentioned terms, you must send an email to no later than 10 days following your purchase on Sunoma Global and provide the following information:

  1. Email subject: ¨Sunoma Global best price guarantee + order id¨
  2. A copy of your order confirmation email
  3. A screenshot of a competitor’s webpage showing a cheaper price for the product, including taxes and with the same terms
  4. The screenshot must show the last step of the purchasing process, the payment information page
  5. In case of an order cancellation, refund of the balance is not possible

Refund policy

Once Sunoma Global has thoroughly revised the prices indicated on a competitor’s website, we will issue the refund.

Considering that the above mentioned terms are met, Sunoma Global will refund you the difference in store credits.

We will confirm this refund by sending you an email back including your refund.

Only the requests sent by email to the address indicated and following the right instructions will be treated.