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Our Story

Sunoma Global specializes in exporting best quality beans, peas, seeds, maize and other pulses both domestically and internationally.

Our primary goal is to find the best quality pulses and grains from the fertile lands and bring them to market and supermarket nationally & internationally.

This was the start of our mission.

We worked out the best deals to get our items at the lowest prices and we slashed prices in the most competitive way until we managed to become the largest wholesaler in Canada.

Our goal is to cut the prices by up to 70% of all products we sell in each category! Our team fights everyday to offer our customers the lowest price possible.

In 2016 we grew our business from US, expanding our outrageous deals to an international audience. But we didn’t stop there… We wanted all products to be added to our wholesale mission. From Home accessories to Electronics, all at unbeatably low prices.

After negotiating with countless suppliers at their source and sharing with them our vision of cutting out the middleman and providing the solution to low-cost, high-quality products, we are now the largest low-price wholesaler internationally.